Peyote stitch ring. I beaded bezel a cab using Charlotte beads


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Hello Beads Friends!
In this video I want to show you my last creations: it’s a ring with a central plastic cabochon size 18mm bezeled with charlotte beads size 13/0 and size 15/0. I worked with peyote stitch and I started with 56 charlotte beads size 13/0. I had some problems to create a bezel using these 2 sizes of charlotte beads, because charlotte beads size 15/0 are not smaller enough if you use them aside charlotte beads size 13/0. Maybe it’s better starting this kind of work with seed beads size 15/0 (by Miyuki or Toho), because seed beads size 15/0 are a little bit bigger than charlotte beads size 13/0. First of all I bezeled my plastic cabochon, I made 4-5 rounds of charlotte beads size 13/0, and 4 rounds of charlotte beads size 15/0. Then I made the band of my ring, always using peyote stitch, and at least I made the turquoise decoration all around my beaded bezel cabochon. I created some picot using charlotte beads size 15/0 on the band of my ring to cover the white thread on the edge of the peyote stitch band. I hope that all my explanations are clear and I hope that this ring can be an inspiration for you, see you soon on the next video.
Have a nice beading!

Sara – Sarubbest.


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